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Recognising Hazardous Situations For Baby

Children have no idea of danger and it is up to the parents to provide them with an environment that is safe. Most parents try to do this, but in some cases they simply don't recognise that what they are doing could be dangerous to the baby or young child. Leaving a child unattended while in a bath or bath support product is certainly dangerous. They can easily slip out of the support and drown in a few centimetres of water. Likewise, leaving them unattended in a highchair with no seatbelt is dangerous. Children can wriggle themselves out of many seemingly safe seats. They often learn to undo safety belts, too.

Leaving a baby on a change table or bed is also dangerous. Babies often roll and can do so very quickly. A fall from bed of table can kill a baby. Having a mattress that does not fit the cot correctly poses a suffocation hazard for a young baby. So can using old cots with wide gaps between the bars. If baby's head becomes stuck in the gap, choking can be the result. Cords dangling from the edge of the table, or hot cups of liquid too close to the edge can cause severe burns and scalds.

All toys and furniture should be assembled properly and the safety regulations noted carefully.

Things To Consider When Selecting Baby Gifts

Things to Consider when Selecting Baby Gifts. Choosing perfect baby gifts for your friends, family and work colleagues can be fun and exciting but also confusing. Questions such as how much to spend, whether to buy a practical baby gift or an indulgent one, can play havoc on your mind. Following these simple steps will ensure your baby gifts are well received by Mummy, Daddy and the new arrival.

1. If a baby gift is beautifully wrapped it suggests that the person who is giving it really cares about the recipient. Extra details such as pretty pastel colour bows and coordinating gift tags make a real difference. We have come across a company who specialize in adding the baby's name to the lid of the gift wrap box and it makes a big impression.

2. There is such a thing as too much or too little money spent on a baby gift. How much you spend really depends on how well you know the new parents. If you are buying for work colleagues then generally most companies set a budget which then helps determine what to buy. Many organisations outsource the purchase of baby gifts to specialist gift companies who select, wrap add a gift card message and then send to the happy parents.

3. Be creative when choosing your baby gifts. Consider finding a small object like a classic book (such as Winnie The Pooh) which you could enhance by adding your own personal message on the inside cover. Buying practical gifts brings the comfort of knowing you are buying something the parents will actually use. But if your baby gift is distinctive, it could might a lifelong treasure for that child.

4. Don't buy small size baby clothes because it looks cute. Babies grow even as you look at them. There will be a huge amount of clothing gifts for an infant who's just been born, but then soon there will be nothing big enough for the child. You'll do the parents a favour if you buy something for them to put away until the baby has grown into larger size clothing.

5. Be sure to have the name and address attached to the gift, so that a proper thank-you will be sent. 6. And lastly - If you don't trust your taste, give the parents a gift certificate to a good store, and make it for a sum of money you can easily afford.

4 Golden Steps For Healthy Life

In this modern world, where life has become so fast. That the life is full of stress, strain, job pressure, education pressure for children etc there is no time for relaxation. So getting health related problems is very natural with changing eating habits, more of fast and junk foods and with little or no exercises , sedentary life , you tend to get over weight and obese .

With over weight you start to get cardio vascular problems, hypertension, stroke, digestion problem, arthritis, Cancer, diabetics etc that means you are becoming host for deadly diseases.

In recent survey it was found that 60% of young children tend to get obese, because of lack of proper exercises, and eating habits. Eating saturated and reusable edible oils also creates Cancer.
So to have healthy life one should change their life style and living habits.

Early to rise
Getting up early in morning is very good habit, you tend to get fresh air and you will get sense of total freshness. After taking nature call, go to open area for brisk walk or jogging. Doing aerobic exercises in morning keeps you all the day with energy and fresh .After coming from exercise you must eat 1 piece of Garlic and 1 tea spoon of honey with little lime juice. This will clear any cold problem, helps in reducing weight and cloistral. Then do some meditation or yoga which is good relaxation method.

After taking bath every one should have breakfast, you should not skip breakfast, because your last meal is some 7 t0 8 hours gap between dinner and breakfast. So breakfast is very essential. Breakfast should have proteins, some little carbohydrates and lot of liquids like orange juices or skimmed curd milk. This will give you energy till next meal. See dieting or skipping food will not help in reducing weight. But you should be conscious while eating.

In lunch one should have little carbohydrates like bread, rice or roties good amount of proteins like fish, meat or dals, lots of green salads and sufficient water. You should always have a balanced diet and in timely. This actually helps not to get fat. It is always advisable to have small size nibbles in regular interval of time. It is not advisable to sleep after lunch. You can take relax in a lounge or chair but should not sleep.

In evening you can have juices or some fresh fruits and dinner you should have soups, little carbohydrates and salads but should be light as possible. It is a good habit to have a small walk before you sleep.

There is a saying one should have breakfast as an emperor lunch like commoner and dinner like a bagger.

The fast weight loss methods which have spread like fire these days do not provide lasting impact. Invariably is better to rely on a healthy weight loss option which will provide lifetime results. You have to set true-to-life goals besides not expect to lose a lot of pounds in a fast span of time.

Top 10 Most Practical Baby Gifts

Whether the mother-to-be is a first time mom or a mother of eight, there are a few gifts which will serve to please all of them. Thoughtful gifts don't have to be expensive; however, they should be practical. Hormonal, sleep-deprived new mothers have little patience for items which involve thick instruction manuals, require excessive assembly, or feature non-productive bells and whistles which don't meet the needs of baby and mother.

1. Disposable diapers - For the eco-conscious mothers, cloth diapers are a constant necessity. From eight or more diaper changes per day for newborns to one or two diaper changes a day for two and three year old toddlers, the need for diapers is almost as important as the need for food. The expense of buying diapers adds up quickly when the requirement is constant. Fortunately, baby diapers don't expire and can be exchanged for larger sizes as needed.

2. Bibs - From formula spit-up, to baby food accidents, to slobbering toddlers, bibs are a wardrobe accessory for the average child from birth to three years old. Between food stains, teething toddlers, and washing machine mishaps, bibs can be a quickly diminishing commodity. Three hundred sixty five days in a year multiplied by three years leaves more than one thousand opportunities for the use of a bib. When considering multiple feedings per day, that number triples. The need for a clean, fresh, optionally cute bib is a necessity.

3. Treats for the mother - Tired, overworked mothers often opt for new baby shoes over jewelry, perfume, or new items for themselves. When resources are limited, the baby's needs most always come ahead of the mother's needs. Lotions, body wash, earrings, nail polish or something to remind mom that she's still a woman would be a welcomed treat for the mothers who neglect themselves.

4. Closely related to number five, the fourth most practical baby gift is film development gift cards. Lots of busy parents have digital camera cards full of photos that need to be printed, while traditional film cameras always seem to need developing. Along with the cost of formula and diapers, capturing that perfect Kodak moment on film can be expensive. A gift card to assist with printing or film developing costs would be ideal.

5. Picture frames and photo albums - New moms like to take pictures and often don't have the time to display them. The gift of a nice infant picture frame for the baby's bedroom or the family living room is a thoughtful and practical way to capture a memory.

6. Number six on the top ten most practical baby gifts list is toiletries and bath products. Spit-ups, formula spills, and diaper accidents create a constant need for baby bath products. A variety of smaller sized bottles will allow mom to experiment with different brands and smells and textures to break the monotony of what feels like non-stop bathing.

7. Dinner gift certificates for the mother - preferrably from restaurants with take out or delivery services. A break in a hectic mother's schedule is invaluable. With the expense of a new baby, nights out aren't always possible; but allowing Mom to provide dinner for the family without taking the time to cook is truly a gift.

8. Coming in at number eight are babysitting certificates. Even new mothers who swear they'll never let their new bundle of joy out of their sight reach a point where sleep or a moment of freedom is necessary. A simple card with the offer to babysit for a certain amount of time is invaluable to any mother especially given the going rate of babysitting services currently. Dinner and a movie carry a price, but a couple of hours of freedom are priceless.

9. Cute baby blanket - Baby blankets serve a number of purposes from simply keeping baby warm to decorating the crib to keepsakes for future generations. A single use can lead the baby blanket straight to the laundry cycle where it may not look quite as adorable after a few washings. Day care, similar diaper bags, and multiple babysitters often deliver casualties to the baby blanket collection. The constant need for a supply of clean, soft baby blankets make them the ninth most practical baby gift.

10. The tenth most practical baby gift is newborn sleeping outfits whether it's Onsies or other comfortable, easy to dress clothing. New mothers often buy lots of cute outfits with which to showcase their beautiful new babies, but often overlook the fact that newborns spend most of their time sleeping. Seasoned mothers always need to sleep outfits to replace formula stained outfits from older brothers and sisters.

The options are as endless as the needs. Babies require love, care, and compassion which can't be bought in stores. The love and support of family and friends provides a timeless gift and lasting memory long after the baby has grown into a college student.

Simple Instructions For Diaper Cake

Why are you spending $50 to $150 just to buy a diaper cake the moment you can follow simple instructions for diaper cake over the internet? If you choose to make a diaper cake yourself, it is better because you are putting your very own personal touch into the diaper cake. It is easy to make a diaper cake with simple instructions. Below are the instructions for diaper cake that you can follow:

1. To make the layer of diaper cake, roll diapers in a cylindrical manner on a rounded cardboard or in a bowl. Then tie them up with rubber bands. Use ribbons to cover the rubber band by rolling over those diapers. This step is to make the base of the diaper cake.

2. Repeat step number 1 to make the second and if you want to, third layer of the diaper cake.

3. Inside of every layer, you can hide some surprise gifts such as baby lotion, baby brush and baby toys. This is also to make sure that the layers are stable.

4. Assemble each of the layers together, and start to decorate your own-made baby diaper shower cake. Use ribbons, pins, flowers or teddy bears to decorate it. You have to be creative in decoration. If you knew the gender of the baby, you can also decorate according to the baby's gender.

Diaper cakes are easy to make. You can surf the internet for more information about how to make a baby diaper cake as well. A well-made diaper cake lures the viewer's attention. Certainly, diaper cake is very beautiful, useful and easy to create and gift.

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