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How To Find A Great Partner--11 Things To Do

You don't need to have any kind of preparation whatsoever in order to find a partner. But, in order to find a great partner, you need to have even more preparation than you would to find a great job. The successes in our life don't happen by accident or without effort.

The more of the things that you do on this list, the better partner you will find.

DECIDE ON WHAT YOU WANT FIRST--When you go shopping for food, there are those essential things that you don't want to forget like bread and milk although you end up buying many things. When you look for a partner, you need to be able to tell the important from the extras. You can't live on chips.

USE THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION--Our minds help us to achieve whatever we imagine. Use the power of your mind to help you find a great partner by clearly and repeatedly imaging such a person. You may already do this for sports or for oral presentations. It works for personal relationships too.

MAKE FRIENDS OR SPEND MORE TIME WITH FRIENDS--Friends help us to feel important and not to be lonely. Feeling unimportant and lonely will make you desire a person even if he or she is wrong for you. A starving person will eat moldy bread.

MAKE A DATING PLAN--Decide on how much time you will spend, how much money, how often you will date, etc. Having such a plan keeps you within your budget, keeps you on track, and is more likely to lead to success. Don't depend on spontaneity and luck to find a great partner.

MAKE SURE YOUR FINANCES ARE IN ORDER AND THAT YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND--Financial and emotional crises create dependencies on other people, even when they are wrong for us. Having money in the bank makes it easier to say "no" when you need to.

WORK ON YOURSELF--Get into counseling or better yet work with a relationship coach. Identify old patterns and change them or else you will just repeat them with a new person. A relationship coach will help you to identify the forces that prevent you from having success. Just wanting things to change doesn't automatically make them change.

FISH WITH THE RIGHT KIND OF BAIT--Are you a stay at home kind of person who is dreaming about an adventurous partner? Will that adventurous partner be attracted to you? It's not about pretending--it's about creating the kind of life you want to have by becoming the kind of person you want to be.

SHOP THE WORLD--If you wanted a fantastic car, would you only look for one at the local junk yard? The right person for you may be across the country or across the world. International dating takes more time than local dating and is not for the desperate and needy. But, the desperate and needy aren't going to find someone good in their backyard either.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE--Just as the best time to find a job is when you don't need one, so is the best time to find a mate. You then end up finding someone to share your great life with rather than looking for someone to make your life great. There is a world of difference.

HAVE A PASSION--Find something that is important to you and get involved. Save the whales, work for a local charity, or climb Mt. Everest. Do what turns you on in life before you look for someone who turns you on in life. Then such a person will be turned on by you.

WORK WITH A RELATIONSHIP COACH--Relationship coaches help you to get the kind of person you want while teaching you essential skills for building the relationship. Every shining star, executive, athlete, or politician you see has a coach. It helps them to be their best and to get the best.

Finding a wonderful mate takes preparation, work, and an investment of time and resources. This is true for every success in life. It is not a matter of getting lucky. It is only a matter of getting the right guidance and working consistently. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can have what you want in life. Planning and work are characteristic of people who succeed. Are you willing to do what it takes in order to get what you want?

Free Dating Site - Evolution

Chat rooms were one of the original ancestors of the free dating site. Although many of the chat rooms have now disappeared due to the evolution of better opportunities. they were extremely popular during their heyday. Although the chat rooms spent a lot of time trying to convince people to come to the site, there was little to do once the individual arrived. Even so, the chat rooms were a draw to those who were deemed too young to be there. This meant that many visitors to the site were immature and not capable of any meaningful interaction with those looking for friendships and dating opportunities.


Forums related to a specific subject were one of the antecedents of a free dating site. Forums tended to evolve around a particular subject. The typical format was that people would post a question of interest and others would provide answers to the question, or would add related comments or links must as in a conversation only online. Sometimes forums had an associated live chat room. The major difficulty with the forum is that often one or two people who monopolize conversations, sometimes by arguing with each other. The forums and chat rooms usually had a way that people could go into a semi-private area and converse without the conversation being part of the general conversations.

Paid Site

The next evolution for many sites, not just for a free dating site is to set up a paid site where individuals could come and join in the excitement and interest generated by being able to meet other singles who are interested in dating. A paid site is supported by a combination of member fees and advertising revenues, as might be expected. The paid sites painted themselves as being elite and attracting only the elite membership that would make the best dating partners. Many individuals were willing to pay the cost to be perceived as one of the best candidates for a date.

Free Site

Following the popularity of the paid sites, smart web masters figured out a way to provide a free dating site for individuals who enjoy the online dating scene. Getting sponsorship for previously paid sites meant that the advertising by companies is already built in rather than requiring it to be paid for by membership fees and sales. The zero cost sites are funded by a combination of advertising and sponsorships so that they can grow in the same way as paid sites grow.

Social Network

A social network site is becoming popular with individuals who are less interest in actual dating. A free dating site focuses mainly on those who want to date, while a social network is more for the purpose of online socializing with others who have like interests. The social sites are structured more like a casual party among friends. Those who enjoy social sites may not have any interest in developing long term relationships with another person as a life partner. They just want to have fun with friends.

Six Reasons To Use Asian Online Dating Service

It would seem that asian online dating service are popping up all over the Internet these past few years. It would seem that men all over the world are starting to recognize women from Asia as ideal partners, considering how easy it is for an asian online dating service to amass a huge userbase. The qualities that make women from Asia appealing to men are the following:

Exotic Charm and Beauty

Asians have a specific physical look that makes them appealing to men in general, and their petite structure makes them look delicate and fragile, which tends to hide the fact that some asians are actually aggressive and seductive. This contrast makes them even more exciting and thrilling for men who want to be challenged.

Attentive and Caring

In Asia, relationships and connections are valued highly, whether it is familial, romantic or platonic in nature. This makes the needs of a partner paramount for women born in Asia. One glance at the testimonials for most Asian online dating services would prove that Asian women will nurture and care for their partner better than women of other nationalities.

Polite and Respectful

Asians are taught to be polite from the onset of their childhood and as such, they tend to be more mild mannered and composed, which helps them to attract men from all over the world. Asian women value the same for their male partners so it can be very hard to impress them with flashy clothes and lame jokes. Above all, they will value sincerity and friendship more than any physical or material beauty.

Grace and Composure

Asian cultures tend to put emphasis on the beauty of fluid body movements, and women from Asia reflect this with the way they walk and move. They come off as very reserved yet graceful, as if they were performing a rehearsed dance even when doing something as simple as pouring tea from a cup.

Physical Advantages

Aside from asian culture giving importance to bathing regularly, Asians are genetically designed to smell better. Asians have smaller or less apocrine glands than Caucasians. Apocrine glands are the glands that produce foul odor when people sweat, so their lessened presence in Asians means that they rarely smell bad even when perspiring.

Talented and Skilled

Asia has a rich and unique culture that spans centuries of expansion and assimilation. And as such, asian children are very creative and artistic. They tend to have a natural love for the performing arts. That is why a lot of asian artists who migrate to western countries succeed and become popular.

For admirers of Asian women and their many qualities, it is very easy to find the Asian online dating service that is right for you. In fact, other dating sites that were neutral a few years ago are now setting up sister companies or subsections that specialize in featuring Asian men and women, in order to help people from different race and nationalities meet each other and develop lasting friendships and romantic relationships.

Dating Tips: Top 10 Worst Traits In A Man

Unlike in years before, today’s women have a very visual and detailed idea of what they want in a man. Thanks to television, movies and the like, we all can grasp an image of the stereotype ideal – smooth, smiling, confident men who always seem to be wearing and saying the right things. Yes, we understand that women want a man who cares a little about their appearance and health; yes, we understand that women need more than just the knowledge you love them; yes, we definitely understand that your needs are as important as our own. ou're Emo, Punk, Goth, Vamp, Indie or else? is the alternative community that allows people to regroup, to share and communicate based on their lifestyle, blog, chat and music. From emo girls and emo boys, punk's to fresh, goth to raver and indie to hippies and many other sub-cultures. Alternative & Emo Community Emo Scene.

It’s easy to come up with a list of the most desirable or ideal traits for the perfect man, however knowing what women DO NOT want is also key. Surprising to some, most men do try to act and dress in a way that they think will attract women at least in some form; unfortunately, sometimes guys try so hard with the big picture, they do not realize when they are letting the little things go.

Recently, the world’s largest speed dating and singles event company ran a survey asking women to name what they would consider the least desirable trait for a man to have. Many of the responses were obvious, and don’t need listing: body odour, bad teeth, bad breath…big surprise. Others however, were much more unique and interesting.

Women will be women, and love it or hate it, they are extremely observant, often with things that the average male would never notice. The unique ‘pet peeve’ traits exposed by the study are so fascinating because many of them fall under that category – most guys don’t even realize they are issues, let alone deal breakers for many girls.

The most intriguing responses from the results are:

1) Pants that are not long enough – For some reason, pants that just slightly too short really annoy girls. One woman wrote “If they’re drastically short, I just feel bad and turn away. If they’re just and inch or less too short, it’s even worse. I can’t turn away. I am annoyed and disgusted.”

2) Not washing your hands (both after going to the washroom, and before eating) – This one shouldn’t have to be explained. Please, gentlemen, wash your hands; women notice when you don’t.

3) Dry lips – Chapped lips translate to a chafing, sand-papery kiss, and can turn a cute face into a disappointment.

4) Talking about any other girls (any!) - That means your mom, sisters, friends, and of course, the ex. This only applies to early on, in the first date or meetings.

5) Flexing, and talking about your muscles – It’s cheesy, lame and a certain turn-off.

6) Popping your collar – or any other trend that was cool two years ago, especially if it was thetrend at the time. Anything noticeably hot from the past becomes noticeably not once the fad has ended. FYI – trends don’t last longer than a year usually, if that.

7) Name dropping – If it legitimately comes into the conversation or story it’s no problem. But constantly dropping names, trying to impress, and talking about how many famous or powerful people you know is an instant turn off. Not only is it annoying, it may lead her to believe that she isn’t good enough for you if she also is not powerful or rich as your ‘friends.’

8) Wearing shorts in the winter – It’s cold out, get over it. You’re no less a man for wearing pants when it’s cold out, but you are less a man if you show you’re too stubborn to change with the season. In the worst cases, men do it to show how ‘manly’ they are, somehow thinking it is manly if they convince you they cannot feel the cold. Women know you can feel the cold. Remember, women have a distinction between manly and stupid. Shorts in the winter falls under ‘stupid.’

9) Refusal to accept baldness – This includes everything from the half-cut to the comb-over and everything in between. Balding is a part of life. Accept it; women do. Embrace it and move on, as they do with sagging breasts and bottoms. Such is life.

10) Carrying a XXL condom around, and letting everyone know it – Not only is this a turnoff, it’s obnoxious and sends the message that you just want to get laid, which is probably not the best tactic to take, even if that is your only goal. It doesn’t make you look like a big man (in both senses of the term,) it only serves to degrade both you and her.

Don’t feel bad or embarrassed if you are guilty of employing one or more from the list; just learn from it and move on. You can always turn the offense into a joke later…remember, ladies love laughter!

Why Intelligent Men Fail With Women – Part 1

The Ten Reasons/Mistakes Why Highly Intelligent Men Fail With Women... And what to do about it...

I've been teaching men how to become more successful with women and dating for several years now... and one "problem scenario" just keeps coming up over and over... and over and over and over again...

...and it really amazes me.

I'm going to refer to it as "The Genius Failure Paradox".

"The Genius Failure Paradox" is the tendency for unusually intelligent men to have very low levels of success with women and dating.

After contemplating this particular paradox, discussing it, and working on it for an awesome amount of time, I'd like to share my thoughts about it with you.

I assume that if you've read this far, then you probably see yourself as smarter than the average guy.

You know that you're a little different than other guys.

You probably realized at a young age that you saw things differently and thought differently than others in school...

And you've probably realized that your smart mind gives you an advantage over others in many areas of life...

Your smart mind gives you a particular type of advantage that can be very, very powerful in life: you’re usually right.

Smart people get used to being "right" because they usually are right.

And when you're right more often than others, you can get ahead in many situations.

But unfortunately, this smart mind of yours can actually be worse than useless when it comes to a key area of life:


By the way, I did say worse than useless. It can actually be like having a hammer when you need to tighten a bolt. If you use the tool you have for the job, you'll most likely make the situation worse.

Of course, it's hard for a smart guy to even imagine a situation where his smart mind could hurt his chances for success...

But trust me, this is one of those situations.

So relax, open your smart mind. On my next posts, let me share with you the ten reasons why smart guys fail with women... and what to do about it.

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