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Utilise Your Facebook Friends List To Bag Free Dvd Rentals For Life

Cinema Paradiso, a popular DVD rental service, is quietly running a customer loyalty scheme which - combined with a clutch of credulous friends - could guarantee you free DVD rentals for ever.

This is a loyalty scheme which offers an amazing free DVD rental package for any customer able to convince six friends to agree to sign up for the scheme.

There has never been a better time to put your Facebook so-called friends list to the test.

Is it really free?

There is not too much that is free these days, but yes, it is indeed free.

The only catch is being able to introduce six friends willing to subscribe to CinemaParadiso's DVD rental service. Time for you to be a bit assertive and convincing Ė provided you have some friends!

Bruce Stevens, a DVD Rental Reviews Editor is a bit dubious about the offer and wonders if it is not too good to be true. As he says, "It would certainly suit those with a large circle of friends when it should be no problem to persuade six of them to sign up - and stay signed up".

He does, though, qualify this statement by saying that one would need a fairly large circle of friends and a very persuasive personality as there are bound to be some Doubting Thomases amongst them.

The good news is...

Loyal customers of Cinema Paradiso, who may not be fortunate enough to have six willing friends out there eager to join up, will be relieved to know that the new loyalty plan is incremental.

This means that even if you are only able to persuade one friend to sign up, you will earn a 1/6th discount on the monthly fee.

As Cinema Paradiso is a top class best DVD Rental service, it shouldn't be too difficult to recommend the new offer to your friends and be able to sign on at least one friend.

As Mr Stevens says, "it is up to you whether or not you tell your friends that their signing up is helping keep your service free".

How does it work then?

If you are already a member of the Cinema Paradiso DVD rental service, then you automatically qualify for the loyalty scheme.

You initially send off e-mail invitations (or VIP Passes) to any friends you think may be interested in signing up for the DVD service.

This entitles each friend to 5 free DVD rentals and if they then sign up to be a full paying member, your Cinema Paradiso account will be credited with 1/6th off the cost of your existing membership fee.

This will carry on every month and each additional friend that you are able to tempt onto the scheme will increase your discount by a further 1/6th of your membership fee.

Time to turn on that persuasive charm of yours and get cracking!

Download Pineapple Express Full Movie - How To Legally?

There havenít been many stoner movies in recent times, and of all, there havenít been any movies that could actually set the box office on cannabis fueled fire! Therefore, the few good stoner genre movies that come our way should be considered instant classics! The most recent stoner genre movie is ĎPineapple Expressí. The movie is scheduled to release on August 8, 2008. **For more information regarding how to download pineapple express full movie, refer to the link at the resource box under this article.

Pineapple Express is produced by Judd Apatow and stars James Franco and Seth Rogen. It has been directed by David Gordon Green, while the screenplay has been written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Those who have seen the instant tear-jerker-and-warm-feeler Superbad, by Seth Rogen will get a fair idea of how good Pineapple Express would be. So get ready for yet another exciting story in Pineapple Express!

While the movie releases on August 8, 2008, considering the small niche that the movie caters to, it may be sidetracked to the smaller screens and eventually brushed off for other, mainstream movies. But the stoner-fans do not have to worry, because they can now download Pineapple Express full movie. They can download the movie via the Internet.

There are several websites which allow you to download Pineapple Express full movie. All you have to do is buy a onetime subscription to the websites. Later on, you just have to pay via a model that can be considered to be a Pay-Per-View model, that is, you pay for only the movies that you download.

You can also download Pineapple Express full movie from the P2P networks, but the problem lies in the fact that if you uses such networks to download any copyrighted material, you may be prosecuted with criminal charges. Also, P2P networks are a maze and can be used in the right way only by people who are experienced in the ways of the Internet. Otherwise, if you try to download Pineapple Express full movie from such networks, you will only get a number of virus and other dangerous software on your computer!

These movies are of excellent quality and are completely legal to own. You can also transfer these movies onto your digital portable media, like the iPod, an MP3 Player or the PSP. So, you can actually download the movies and watch it either when you are bored at home, or if you are getting totally frustrated due to a three of two hour long journey, you can watch the Pineapple Express movie!

Download Pineapple Express For Free

You can now download movies directly, legally and safely from the Internet. And it doesnít have to be just some old movie that nobody except you would be interested in. It can be a very recent movie, like the Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is a movie that tells the story of a stoner and his dealer, who are embroiled in a sticky situation that may endanger their lives. It has been written by the same people behind the runaway success ĎSuperbadí, so we can be ready for one more story that makes us laugh, cry, jump with joy and sniffle a tear, all within that prescribed two hours and less! **For more information regarding how to download pineapple express for free, refer to the link at the resource box under this article.

Thatís right; you can download Pineapple Express via the Internet. In fact, there are several ways in which you can download the movies that you like from the Internet.
One of the first ways that you would come across is via the P2P networks. You will find almost any movie on one of these networks, why you can even find unreleased movies and their leaked versions on these P2P networks.
Therefore, downloading anything from a P2P network is illegal and you might have several copyright infringement notices against you if you download copyrighted material from the P2P network.

So, which is the best way to download movies from the Internet? Can you download Pineapple Express for free? Well, the only way to download Pineapple Express for free is via the illegal way. However, there are other websites which offer you the movie to download. You can download the movie from these websites at a pre-determined price, once you have paid the subscription charges. This would make the cost of the download so less, you would tell yourself that you did download Pineapple Express for free!

These websites offer the movie in excellent quality. Some websites also offer the movie in HD quality. Downloading the movie via this way is therefore safe, legal and completely hasslefree. The movie is available in formats that are supported by all the major mp3 players, the iPod and the PSP. Therefore, you can transfer the movie to your portable media and enjoy the movie while you are away from home too! So donít look around for ways to download Pineapple Express for free, go to one of the paid websites and enjoy the movie in a safe, legal and hasslefree manner!

Download Swing Vote For Free - Would You Love To?

Swing Vote is a hilarious comedy starring Kevin Costner, Paula Patton and Dennis Hopper. Swing Vote is the story of Bud Johnson and his twelve year old daughter Molly. Kevin is portraying the character of a loser who is struggling on with his life. The little kid acts as icing on the cake. **For more information regarding how to download Swing Vote for free, refer to the link at the resource box under this article.

The sudden turn of events on the day of presidential election creates such a situation where the poll results come down to one personís vote and that is Bud Johnson. Madeline carol as Budís daughter has excelled in the feature film. You would like to Download swing vote for free as it is being branded as one of the best entertainers of the year.

Several movie download sites can provide you with clippings and trailers of Swing vote. There are only a few sites from where you can download the swing vote movie. You donít have to spend loads of money on downloading the movie of your choice if you be a member of any of the unlimited movie download sites. It is indeed possible to Download swing vote for free. But before downloading any movie you need to be a subscriber of any of the unlimited movie download sites.

A one time subscription is charged from the beneficiaries. The best part is that you donít have to pay any monthly rentals or regular maintenance price to Download swing vote or any movie of your choice free. Once you have paid to be a member of the site, you can enjoy downloading any movie totally free of cost. Downloading movies for free doesnít mean that you donít have to pay anything. It means that once you have paid for your membership all movie downloads are free for you. Watch the best online news, entertainment, sports, music and information TV-channels. Watch online news, entertainment, music and sports TV-channels for free.

Be careful while choosing a site to Download swing vote for free. Legal downloading always need some price to be paid. Moreover they provide the customers with spyware and antivirus to protect their PC from any kind of damage.

To Download swing vote for free choose the correct kind of unlimited movie download site and then get it on your personal PC. The legal sites provide the customers with impeccable picture and sound quality. There are various kinds of membership. You can go for a membership plan which suits your requirement and budget. Movie buffs across the world find downloading to be the best option to watch the movie of their choice.

Download Swing Vote Full Movie At Zero Cost?

Download Swing Vote full movie literally without any cost with the best picture quality and sound clarity any time. Swing Vote is the story of Bud Johnson who indulges in beer slinging and is reputed as a loser. His 12 year old kid Molly takes care of their disheveled life and is the prime attraction of Swing Vote. A little mischief of Molly on the day of Presidential election turns the events in such a manner when the election results come down to the vote of a single person: Bud Johnson or Mollyís dad. **For more information regarding how to download swing vote full movie, refer to the link at the resource box under this article. fell the heat of these site it will very useful for u...........

Hilarious sequences combined with expert direction of Joshua Michel Stern and superb performances by Kevin Costner and Madeline Caroll is enough to make it a memorable Hollywood flick. Slated to release in the august of 2008, the film is all ready to hit the theaters with a blow. How about downloading Swing Vote full movie in your PC or ipod or PSP? Sounds interesting? Right.

So what are you waiting for. Download Swing Vote full movie practically without any charges whenever you want. There is nothing to get surprised as there are plenty of movie downloading sites in the net from where you can do so. Choose a legal movie download site from where you can download any movie of your choice free of cost. A one time subscription charge is to be paid and after that enjoy downloading movies for free throughout the lifetime.

Many a times, the movie which you download from internet may be stripped off certain important scenes. If you are downloading from an illegal site these malpractices are found in random. But if the movie download site is legal, the users are assured with superb picture quality, sound clarity and the full movie.

Now you donít have to miss the important scenes or a lovable song sequence which you always preferred to watch in a particular movie. Download Swing Vote full movie and enjoy the jovial happenings of this comedy sitting in a cozy corner of your house.

Once you become a member of a movie download site to Download Swing Vote full movie, you are opened to various other privileges offered by the site. Not only swing vote, movie buffs can go on to download whichever film they like totally free of cost. The one time fee is so nominal that it doesnít create a hole in your pocket but provides you with quality entertainment options.

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