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How To Make Landing Pages That Work For You

Making Landing Pages Work for You
I never forget the first time I mention a landing page to client. Their first response is "a what?". I ask where their current ads are pointing to, and I usually get the same response, the home page. In fact, nearly all of the SEM clients I've dealt with have started out with google ads pointed right at their homepage. While this might make perfect sense at the time, in most cases it's a poor choice. I'll explain why.

What is a Landing Page?
The first question you might have is simple to answer. A landing page is a page specially designed to send advertising traffic to. They are individual ads created just for the targeted customer. Rather than dump them directly to the homepage, you send them a targeted page that is meant to sell them a specific service or product.

Why do I need Landing Pages?
The reason you need landing pages is because you want to sell something. It's all about targeting, and the right landing page targets your service or product. If you sell 100 different products, does it make sense to send all your potential clients to the homepage, and expect them to find what they want? You want to create specific ads for a specific product or service, then target that landing page for it, so you cut out a lot of confusion and give the visitor what they're looking for.

What makes a good landing page?
Here are some things that make a good landing page. A combination of all of these will help your conversions in a major way.

1. Make it targeted. - Make sure your landing page is set to talk about a specific niche, product or service. Dont try to put all your eggs in one basket. Make a page for each thing you're trying to sell, and don't tie them together. Make sure the information on the page matches what you put in your ad.

2. Keep it simple - The more cluttered your page is, and the more text there is, the less likely someone will stay on the page. Don't make it so simple that it doesn't catch attention, but make it as simple as you can. The less there is to read, the better off you are.

3. Make it flashy - This is the one I have the hardest time talking people into. Make your colors vivid, and make the product photos stand out. You know those really cheesy pages you see sometimes with bright red fonts and huge headlines? They are prevalent for a reason.

4. Make the call to action clear - Make sure there is no way to miss the link you want them to click. If you want them to click through and read something, or buy something, you have to make it big, and clear. "Click here to purchase now" is a good one, or "click here to learn more". Make sure it's clear, large and noticeable.

5. Make the buttons bigger. - Studies have shown that action buttons are more effective when they are larger. While this might look a little tacky, the bigger the button, the better the clicks. Try not to make it too large, but don't hide it either.

6. Show off your product - When people see something in action, they're more likely to buy it. Studies have shown that if you show something to someone, they are more likely to buy, and the web is no different.

7. Have a clear message - This is a lot like #1 and 4, but make sure your message is clear. Your message should be: buy my product or service because you need it.

8. Talk about the customer, not your company. - Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Your customers are no different. Always replace phrases talking about "us" or "our company" with phrases that contain "you" and "your company". Make it feel like it's directed at them.

9. Keep branding in mind - While you want to keep it simple and targeted, don't forget branding. 90% or more of your visitors wont be buying anything, but make sure they see your company name and logo. If they see it enough, it will stick, and maybe they'll come looking for you later.

10. Test everything - Make sure and test your landing pages. Test views vs clicks, conversions and anything else you can within your means. Using google analytics is a good way to test conversion goals, and work towards that. Using this information, you should be able to create decent landing pages and toy with them. Remember, this is a process that requires a lot of testing and tuning, and it's by no means a one time thing. It's an ongoing process. Just by creating a few good landing pages, you could be getting a lot more bang for your advertising buck.

How To Drive Traffic Through Reciprocal Link Building

Link exchange will result if you have set a topnotch site with interesting content and other related information, this will in turn help others who want to exchange links with you for an added internet exposure.

Few notes on Reciprocal Link Building

* Make sure that you are linked to relevant sites meaning you both have the same subject matter and at the same time all the links are also related to each other.

* It's more about quality than quantity. In reciprocal link building, be on the look out for quality sites, linking to more and more sites not really related to your site is not advisable.

* This is a long and sometimes frustrating process because you still have to check if the sites have agreed on link exchange and regularly track down if the link to your site is still present on the other's website.

* Some webmasters may turn down your link and replace it with another link. If that's the case, take their link off your site also as this can give them good search engine rankings as one way linking and your website may lose.

* Examine the other site link pages, are they indexed and visited by Google? If the site has no follow through or are hidden from those called robots, this will do you no good, it can even damage your ranking.

* When requesting for a link exchange, consider the links that are displayed/linked to the other site, all the links should be relevant to your website. Also, the site should not have many broken links from other sites.

*Keep the number of links on that page at a minimum amount, if the page has 40 or more links then don't waste your time there anymore.

* You can decide however if you want to have a separate link page, this will depend on the size of the site and what your topic is all about.

Be extra careful in the reciprocal link building process, make sure that all the links are relevant and all the links contained in the other website website are also related. Bear in mind also that not all webmasters are willing to exchange links, some webmasters do not allow link exchange or if they allow it, double check if your link exists on their link pages. Sometimes, webmasters do a naughty trick of hiding links after they've agreed on a link exchange.

Follow the link exchange rules. The site that you are exchanging links with should exist in major search engines and has good traffic ranking (Alexa is an effective site to keep track on rankings and traffic). Check regularly, let's say every month if your link is still in the site, some webmasters also have this practice of removing other links in their sites.

Reciprocal linking is a good and free way of achieving high website ranking but you should still monitor once in a while, after the link exchange don't stop there continue to check the status of your links and site rankings.

Keywords And Seo Article Writing

Several years ago, decades even, when you needed to look for data for an article writing assignment you have, you would immediately go to the library and check out the card catalog for books or references on the given subject matter. When you have a list of about 4-5 books, you would then start the search of these books from the multitude of shelves in the library. As you are successful in acquiring that reference material, you then scan the book for the topic on hand, checking out the table of contents and the index.
Oftentimes, you would find yourself going back and forth the card catalog, the shelves, and the table, with a growing pile of discarded reference books beside you and another one for those books you have categorized to be of some use. Several hours later as well as after a whole cart of books, you have successfully gathered data on the topic on hand for your article writing.

Such is the ease that the internet provides nowadays. You still need to have a keyword and enter it into a search engine before getting the results you want. Sometimes, you have to narrow down your search with more keywords just to get a smaller and useful hit count. Usually, the more keywords you use, the more specific your results will be. But too much keyword will also give you a negative result. These keywords are often particular words that were selected to ensure that their website is seen without any difficulty. It is commonly a word or a group of words that is uniquely formulated to represent a certain topic which may be searched for by someone who needs more information about it.

However, what has all these got to do with SEO article writing? Everything! It can actually be considered as the basis of why SEO or search engine optimization came about. With the infinite number of subjects that man can think of, searching for it specifically in the net would be quite a problem. This is why people have to optimize their website content, through SEO rich article writing, in order to guarantee that someone looking for that certain product will be able to see their specific website easily.
SEO article writing makes use of keywords that are scattered all over the article and the website, to ensure a high ranking over all those who have the same topic. These keywords are often particular words that were selected to ensure that their website is seen without any difficulty. It is commonly a word or a group of words that is uniquely formulated to represent a certain topic which may be searched for by someone who needs more information about it.

Therefore, using keywords for article writing will definitely ensure getting hits for a particular topic, and make it rank higher in search results, giving it an edge as long as popularity is concerned in article writing. But, nowadays, instead of bombarding articles with literal keywords, semantic keywords are now being used. Instead of making article writing utilize only a specific term, it uses even synonyms of that term, within the article, making it easier for the user to search for those specific explanations, without going through several books at the library.

Seo Tips: Social Media Benefits

When you do search engine optimization work for your website, are you taking social marketing into account? It’s important to use social media tools when doing off page SEO. When you do this, you’re increasing your backlinks and potential for traffic to your site.

A big part of internet marketing and SEO is social marketing. There are a lot of available free social media SEO tools that you can use to help optimize your website or blog. Search engine optimization strategies work well when they are done while taking into account that the search engines look at relationships and if the sites you want to promote have relationships with other sites, it appears that all those sites are more relevant. Social media is a tool that can help anyone who knows how to effectively use it.

When doing your off page SEO; which includes things that happen outside of your website that will help your website, look for quantity and quality and relevancy. Quantity is always good but if you bring your site 1000 visitors that are not already prequalified as being likely to be interested in what you’re selling, your conversion rate probably won’t be very high.

Quality is important so be sure you’re attracting quality visitors. You wouldn’t direct people in a gambling forum to your Christian book club and vice versa. The more likely your visitor is interested in your information or product, the better. If you’re going to use social marketing tools to help your business flourish, look for relevancy and the right demographics.

Search engines do look at relevancy so there are things you can do to help your SEO efforts such as:

-Join community forums in your niche. You can find them in abundance. Post often and put your website in your signature. Not only will you network and get backlinks from a related site but you’ll be sharing information with people that are likely going to be interested in what you have to sell. The community forum signature line is very good for SEO so use it to your full advantage.

-Join microblogging sites like Twitter and Plurk and network with people interested in your niche. You can post an update to new product releases and blogs. These sites may not seem like much at first glance but the more users you follow and the more that follow you, the better your traffic and SEO can be.
-If your site is a blog, join blogging networks like Technorati, MyBlogLog or Blog Catalog so people can find you based on tags and categories
-Use social bookmark tools like StumbleUpon and Digg. You can get additional backlinks and visitors this way.
-Join online profile sites which can help you put your URL in your profile and increase your backlinks. There are dozens of sites like this that you can join for free and put your URL or multiple URLs into.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort that can bring you fruit in both search engines and in terms of valuable traffic. On page SEO will help you once people get to your site so don’t forget to learn SEO tactics for optimizing on your website as well.

Internet Advertising For Your Business

The World-Wide-Web offers so many great opportunities for anyone and everyone. Even if you're just starting to ponder an online business venture, remember that advertising on the Internet is crucial to your business's success. This is due to the notion that millions of individuals are connected to cyberspace at any given time from all around the globe. The web opens up doors and opportunities in abundance.

Online advertising becomes essential as soon as any business sets up its own website. Having a website for a particular business is worthless until and unless people know about your business and put their trust and likings on services that you provide.

Online advertising breaks roughly into two camps. The fastest-growing side has been search-engine advertising, led by Google and Yahoo. Online banner advertising is every bit as measurable and targettable as Search ads. The click through rate is definitely lower, but for the right type of advertiser - focused on brand building rather than customer acquisition - they are definitely still valuable.

Add into the equation, internet marketing and the mix of gold rush fever and seemingly unlimited audience has led to a frenzy of businesses and individuals clambering to build websites and live the online dream.

Countless business owners resort to advertising on the Internet these days. A perfect example of this can be seen with the past success of the low-budget film entitled "The Blair Witch Project." You probably didn't really see this "reality" style horror flick trailered on TV much. This is because the student film makers who came up with the idea thought it would be prudent to advertise on the Internet.

They found that they could do this by building a website that would essentially cost them next to nothing. Once the word got out, everyone was jumping on the Blair Witch bandwagon. It was a prime example of what is often called viral advertising.

So the advertising came almost free and regardless of what you thought of the film, it still made millions and millions of dollars. This is amazing because it's pretty much all profit since very little investment funds were put into the film.

This is just one example of how advertising on the Internet can be excellent for your business or website's success. Even a mere blog can pull in serious cash if you put the effort into it.

For those who like to build websites and create blogs, one great way to earn a little extra dough is by selling affiliate products via your websites and blogs. Earn a percentage by advertising on the Internet with someone else's product.

Considering the age we live in, there's virtually nothing more crucial than advertising on the Internet. Not everyone operates online. However, advertising on the Internet can seriously assist any business of any kind. The internet advertising route when done with skill plain and simply offers a great deal more exposure at lower cost. Take full advantage of the web today!

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