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Where To Buy Your Bike Painting Tools And Equipment

You can buy these tool kits from any local hardware market. As hardware shops maintain a large stock of these tools at very economical rates. You can also visit authorized hardware shops to get a wide range of tools and equipments.

Online Stores

To get a wide range of tools and equipment you should take a look at online shopping sites, which are engaged in these types of tool kits. By using any search engine, you can easily find various online shopping sites, In online shopping sites you will find a broad selection of these types of tool kits. Due to standardize price there is no need to worry about the difference in rates.

Advantage of Online Stores

There main advantage of buying tool kits from these sites is that you will always get top quality and durable tools. There are also various online shopping sites which give these tools on rent. These rented tools are very useful for a person who can’t afford to buy a new tool kits to paint their chopper motorcycle.

Disadvantages of Online Stores

The main disadvantages of buying tools or any thing form these online shopping site is that, you will only able to view the image of the tools. Sometime buying tools online is quite risky, as there some non-authorized site which might sell you inferior quality tools. Therefore, before buying or even placing your order, you make sure that the shopping site from where you are buying these tools is an authorized dealer. It is always recommended to buy tools from authorized dealer.

How to Place an Order

Placing an order on these online dealers is very easy and safe, just you have to give a few detail.


You must read all the terms and condition of sale very carefully before placing your order, as there are chances of hidden expense like sale tax and shipping charges which are not include in the price shown with image of the tools and might shock your later. Most of the people had suffered from these types of situation, as exploring these types of hidden expense is very difficult.

Ways To Get Your Chopper Motorcycle Painted

The first way is to find a shop that specializes in painting of chopper motorcycles. The first way is very easy but it is quite expensive. There are various shops which engaged in painting chopper motorcycle. You will also find these types of shops on internet. In these types of painting shops, you will get a wide range of latest and hottest designs to suit anyone’s taste. There designs ranges from single color to multi color paintings with extra graphical effect.

Painting Your Chopper Motorcycle Yourself at Home

Self painting is not a bad idea. You can paint your motorcycle at home. Self-painting a chopper motorcycle is very economical but quite difficult and can be a hassle for you. Painting your chopper motorcycle at home is quite difficult but not impossible. You can paint your chopper motorcycle at home if your have some knowledge about painting, art, designs etc. but their might be some question in your mind before you start painting your chopper motorcycle, like how to use the paint, tools required, what should be the designs, how much you should spend on the whole project.

Following are the important steps that guide you to paint your chopper motorcycle.

These steps contain all the basic as well as technical information which is required to paints the chopper motorcycle at home. Painting your chopper motorcycle is not very difficult. You can easily paint it by yourself, if you follow these steps.


1. Buy a custom painting manual guide
2. Buying basic tools
3. Dismantle your chopper motorcycle
4. Sanding
5. Washing the parts before you start painting
6. Base coat
7. Final coating of chopper motorcycle
8. Dry out the paint
9. Painting the helmet of your chopper motorcycle
10. Problems after final coating and drying
11. Drawing latest and hottest designs on your chopper motorcycle
12. Wax coating of chopper motorcycle
13. Assemble your chopper motorcycle
14. Washing your chopper motorcycle after assembling
15. Remove the paint from the engine
16. Polishing your chopper motorcycle

We hope all the above information is helpful, watch out for our other articles on Chopper Motorcycles

Arai Helmets: Expert Design

The company that manufacturers Arai helmets was developed in 1926. Hirotake Arai, a Japanese hat maker shifted his focus to motorcycle helmets and the company has become synonymous with professional motorcycle champions and helmets built for pros. What might be the most impressive aspect of Arai helmets is the fact that each one is hand made. In fact, all Arai helmets bear the signature of the creator inside the shell. There is no doubt that Arai helmets are one of the most popular worldwide. In fact, it is because of this commitment to crafting high performance motorcycle helmets that sets them apart from the rest. Arai helmets are not fashioned for a pure profiting perspective; rather each helmet is a work of art unto itself. In fact, several helmets have actually been showcased in art museums. Upgrading your motorcycle headlights is important for better visability. You can upgrade your motorcycle headlights with an aftermarket HID kit upgrade. These kits are easy to install and make a huge different in the look and perforance of your bike. HID kits come in various colors and sizes to fit your motorcycle. We highly recommend motorcycle HID lights for anyone interested in making their bike look and perform better.

Another aspect of Arai helmets, that sets them apart from the rest, is their focus on their family heritage. The company is now in it’s third generation. Proving again that Arai helmets are not just another factory run operation set to make profits. The family name of Arai backs up every helmet that is handcrafted. It should also be noted that every Arai helmet is hand inspected during development. In fact, by the time an Arai helmet is finished, it has been hand inspected at a minimum of three times. It is this high commitment to quality that has made the Arai name one of the most sought after when it comes to choosing motorcycle helmets. There are strict codes that are set in place during the testing of Arai helmets and every single helmet is held to those rigorous standards.
Arai’s commitment to excellence and quality has resulted in motorcycle helmets that are designed with the needs of the rider in mind.

Arai helmets are not only leaders in design and technology; they are also leaders when it comes to offering or providing warranties. All Arai helmets are covered by a full five-year limited warranty. This is in direct contrast to the majority of motorcycle helmets that only offer a limited one-year warranty.

Aria helmets have earned their reputation due to the expertise that is in their design. The helmets are designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. The main aspect is on ensuring that the helmet fits, but also that it is well ventilated and that the ventilation system really works. By keeping moisture and humidity out of the helmet and away from the face, you can rest assured that your helmet is not just providing you with protection, but will professional comfort as well.

Not only are Arai helmets comfortable, but also they are also safe. They continually are being awarded with recognition for their high safety standards. Arai helmets are designed by taking into consideration every possible scenario for an accident. This has caused their design to be exceptional and above most other motorcycle helmet designs. Continually, Arai helmets are being praised for their expert craftsmanship.

The Right Crash Helmet For You

If you're the proud owner of a motorbike then you'll doubtless already be aware of the regulations here in the UK surrounding the use of crash helmets. How do you go about finding the right helmet for your needs?

It was once the case, of course, that motorcycle riders could use their machines without wearing any form of protective headgear. That was the case until 1972, at which point the law was changed to make it obligatory to use a suitable lid when riding on the streets of Britain.

Some in the biker community were less than happy with that change in the law. There were plenty of people who enjoyed the experience of being able to ride in the open air - the thought of having restrictive gear in place didn't seem to suit the freedom associated with the bikes.

That mindset still applies to some, but many have adapted and have been able to do so thanks to motorcycle crash helmet development over the course of the past thirty five years or so.

With an ever wider range of options available, it's now possible to select a style and design that allows you to stamp your own individuality.

So what should you look for when choosing a helmet? A primary concern should be your own safety and ensuring that you are meeting the legal requirements set down in this country.

In order to achieve this twin aim, you need to make sure that the kit that you are choosing doesn't simply look good - it will need to provide effective protection for you and be acceptable given the existing law.

Beyond that, you'll also want to ensure that your chosen helmet will be comfortable. Don't forget that you may be wearing it for hours at a time - it won't be much use if it's not comfortable.

By spending a little bit more money you'll also be able to get some really great individual styles and designs.

The right crash helmet for you is likely to be a combination of safety, comfort and style.

Vespa Scooters - The Wickedly Cool Way To Get Around Town

Vespa scooters, didn't you know, they're the new wickedly cool way these days to get around town! Whether you are looking to use your Vespa scooter for simple everyday errands, to do some shopping or for the daily commute, Vespa scooters are now the number 1 choice for thousands of individuals just like you that do not want to sacrifice their wallet to the oil companies. With fine wine sipping fuel economy, these nifty and very beautiful and stylish retro Vespa scooters really could save you a small fortune on your monthly gas bill and fuel consumption.

As easy to ride as a bicycle, once you sit on one for the very first time and ride it, you will be totally hooked. Unlike many bland designs on the highways today, these Vespa scooters with their retro styling will turn you into a very proud scooter owner. Vespa scooters, the choice of models is vast, from the smallest and most gas efficient 50cc models with a top speed of 35mph, they are sure to bring you many happy years of transportation pleasure and enjoyment. And just think of the money that you will save!

Of course the smaller 50cc Vespa scooters are not for everyone and it's just as well that the range of Vespa scooters available include many engines with a far greater engine capacity to haul you around, not only with a great deal of ease but a surprising amount of acceleration too, and easily able to keep up with all the other fast moving traffic upon the highways.

Lately Vespa scooter sales have quite literally been rocketing, based mostly on the sky high cost of gasoline at the pump. The most popular color for Vespa scooters is presently black and red, although at the time of writing, these are apparently in quite short supply with many stocks already being sold out. However, Vespa scooters do come in a wide range of eye catching bright colors so there really is a Vespa for just about everyone. Of course Vespa scooters just cry out for customization also and a full range of Vespa parts, Vespa spares and Vespa accessories are all readily available to you at great discount prices right across North America.

Whether you decide to buy brand new Vespa scooters, or a used Vespa for sale, these Italian designed scooters will give you as mentioned many years of reliability via their very dependable engines. In Europe and especially southern Mediterranean countries, you see them absolutely everywhere, indeed they are one of the most popular forms of transport around. Quite easily capable of transporting two people very easily, Vespa scooters really could save you so much money on gas, it's truly unbelievable!

So for Vespa USA, check out some of the deals online, buying a used Vespa really is not very expensive at all, in fact you can buy Vespa scooters at an incredibly affordable price and who knows, if you use your Vespa scooters enough, how many months would it take for your Vespa Scooters to pay pay for themselves completely, just based on your fuel savings per month? In effect, you could within just a few short months, be riding around on a totally wickedly cool Vespa scooter that has actually cost you nothing at all. Think about it, are you going to buy today, your very own Vespa Scooters for free? Thousands of other people and individuals just like you have reached that conclusion and have taken the action to say Yes - I Want One Today!

MOTOREX - Die professionelle Pflege für hochwertige Motorräder: Das leicht auspolierbare Pflegeöl MOTOREX Protect & Shine 645, das seidig-glänzenden Schutz für Lack und alle Metall- und Chromteile des Bikes bietet. MOTOREX Chain Clean 611, der ultimative Kettenreiniger, der selbst grob verschmutzte Motorrad-Antriebsketten wieder sauber macht. Und MOTOREX Chainlube Racing, das teflonverstärkte Kettenfett für Rennmotorräder und Straßenmaschinen.

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